Friday, 26 March 2021

Newsletter - Coping with Stress

Welcome to my first newsletter.

This will be a bi-weekly publication focusing on current events, helpful hints and supportive advice to help with physical and mental health issues and up to date nutritional information.

I do like to research my chosen subjects and I see some valuable information on accredited websites which I will share with you in future newsletters

My first publication above, concerns stress and how it affects our health. With the current changes in our lives and this global crisis, our stress levels have increased considerably. Too much stress is extremely bad for our overall health, but there are ways we can help ourselves to 'stress less' and look after our minds.

I want to make this a lot less formal and a lot more personal than my published articles and also an enjoyable read. 

I hope you like this idea and please feel free to email me ( if you have any comments or ideas/subjects that you feel will be beneficial. My plan is to keep this as a bi-weekly and two page publication for now but make it as informative and interesting as possible.

Many thanks


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