Thursday, 18 June 2020

Ways to Happiness and a Healthy Mind

Happiness......we all strive to be happy. We want to wake up in the morning happy, go to work happy, every day we want to be happy? But is this endeavour to be full of joy actually making us unhappy? Maybe happiness isn't something that just happens to us naturally? Social media, T.V, magazines all depict scenes of happiness, everyone is happy with their lives and grateful for all their family and wonder we feel inadequate at times and wonder how we too can live in this bubble of joy. We are humans, we have a plethora of emotions......happiness being just one of them. Being happy promotes good health and longevity. With a little effort we have the ability to make small changes in our lives, our behaviour and our relationships to help us on our path to a healthier, more positive life. 

Write a Journal
The simplest ideas can be the most effect. Writing a journal, taking a thought from your mind and writing it down becomes a "visual" can see how you feel. This is our own private space where we can express ourselves. You don't have to be a professional writer and your thoughts might be a few doesn't matter. Start your journal every day with three positive thoughts or three things you are grateful for on that particular day. This can be as simple as "the sun was out today" or "I had more energy today" or even "My favourite song was played on the radio as I was driving to work". The aim here is to make us more positive by looking for the things that make us happier in life and giving less power to the negative emotions that can overwhelm us during our every day lives. There are some great apps out there too (if you prefer this to a paper journal), that can prompt and remind us to write these positive thoughts down daily until it becomes a productive and worthwhile habit. Presently App...Minimal Daily Journal ...... This little app allows you to jot down a few words of gratitude, encouraging you to look for the positive rather than negative thoughts or occasions during your day. 

Plan an Event or Holiday
Simply planning is enough to improve mood and happiness levels. The excitement of planning a holiday, the date in your diary, the anticipation of relaxation and calm away from the real world can be one of the joyous parts of the holiday itself. It doesn't necessarily have to be a holiday? Planning an event or joining in an event has the same effect. Perhaps an overnight stay, a festival or carnival, a party with friends or booking a ticket for a show. Even if you cannot afford a holiday or do not have the time to book a ticket right now......just marking a date on your calendar and starting your plans is enough to enhance your mood. By physically marking the date on your calendar or writing the dates in your diary will give you a boost of happiness whenever you remind yourself.

Making better use of space, creating harmony between you and your surroundings makes a happier and an improved you. Clutter is not solely your unwanted possessions? Clutter forms itself in many ways disturbing our peace and clouding our happiness. Yes, we can declutter our home of unwanted items and clothing we no longer wear and without a doubt this increases our mood no end. Clutter and probably the worst kind, can be the build up of paperwork requiring our attention or phone calls that need to be made distracting our peace and disrupting our sleep patterns. There may also come a time where we need to declutter our 'friends list', which can often be 'all consuming' and energy draining. Clutter can cause moments of stress and anxiety, leaving us in a negative mental state inhibiting our desire for a happier lifestyle. We need to give ourselves time to declutter....... even as little as 15 minutes a day is a positive move towards rewarding ourselves more space. 

Setting Life Goals
Setting life goals and 'making headway' towards them promotes well-being. Having a purpose is integrated with our happiness, as we see ourselves making progress and achieving what we have set out to do. Breaking up our goals into smaller sections, will give us 'boosts' of happiness as each step brings us closer to our ultimate goal. Rewarding ourselves with something meaningful for every step we achieve will help us stay on the path of happiness and accomplishment. We all need goals to turn our dreams into reality, motivating and challenging us, but we must choose obtainable and not impossible goals. This will not bring us happiness, only stress and pressure. Thinking, planning and pursuing goals engage our attention, give us a sense of meaning and builds our confidence in achieving the end result.

Watch Something Funny

Laughter is extremely beneficial for our health and happiness. My personal favourite at the moment (above) is my 'go to' happy video. It doesn't matter if I am feeling sad, angry or fed up......I can guarantee I will be laughing and a lot happier after watching this video. Laughter is actually a medicine or therapy that can change your mood, state of mind and lift your 'spirits'. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins (the happy hormone), promoting a sense of well-being, that can even temporarily relieve pain and has been known to protect the heart. Some other benefits of a good laugh are:

  • Boosts immunity
  • Relaxes muscle tension
  • Eases anxiety
  • Improves mood
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Attracts others to us
Happiness is not always a natural emotion and may need some planning or goal setting. This will help us focus or give us a purpose to pursue a better place to be both physically and mentally. The pursuit of happiness is a long term goal for our well-being and can be made in several steps with appropriate rewards for achievements in our progression. Even if we falter from time to time, the end results of positive health improvements will make it all the worth while. 



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