I am a Fitness Instructor/Older Adult Coach and Personal Trainer with a love of all things "healthy" and "positive"  and living a healthy lifestyle. My biggest passion is how ageing affects our lives. I combine this with the positives of exercise and good nutrition for optimal health. Joining these two effective elements together will enable us to live a fit, strong and happy life, right into our latter years.

My love of fitness started from the very young age of 8 years old. I started swimming for a local swimming club and worked my way up to National level and a gold medal at the age of 14 years old. I continued my swimming career up to the age of 32 years old, competing at County level and then moved on to become a Masters Champion. It was during my latter years of swimming that I discovered the positives and the benefits of strength training to run alongside my swimming. This enhanced my own performance. From here my passion turned to 'all round' fitness and all the benefits gained from becoming the 'best version' of myself. 

I have worked as a Fitness Instructor in gyms, leisure centres, instructing classes as a business, overseas as a hostess for the over 50's and on cruise ships teaching classes and running a small gym. I have seen amazing results for all ages using exercise and fitness to improve various areas of life, whether it's to increase confidence or improve movement. 

I love to write about my passion and share my experiences of health and fitness. I write about my own experience with health as well as the benefits I have seen in others by making just a few adjustments to their lives. Both exercise and nutrition are complicated subjects and can confuse those who are trying to implement changes in their lives and equally, for those who have reached a plateau and want to progress. My blog aim is to help make this vast subject easier to understand so that you can achieve your aims with tools such as goal setting and become the 'best version of yourself'

Besides being a Fitness Instructor I have been lucky enough to travel whilst working in the industry I love so much. I also enjoy watching live music with my friends, eating out, trying new food, new experiences and of course I love to keep fit and healthy (pictured with my good friend Jack Williamson Personal Trainer )

What will you find in my Blog

Once to twice a month I will post an article on either fitness, health, well-being, travel or nutrition. I will also publish a newsletter on occasions, just to share any new or exciting news with you relating to any of the above subjects . I try to make my articles relatable and on a personal note rather than blinding you with 'scientific facts'. I aim to simplify complicated fitness and health jargon so it becomes a lot easier to understand. I will review products, services, spas and places of interest (food and fitness related), as well as introducing new health ideas to you as a reader. Here are a few examples:

So here I am now......what's next?

I am so lucky with all the things in life I have accomplished through fitness and travel. My two passions combined into one. I am still so enthusiastic about fitness and health. I feel that this is the way forward to longevity. There are so many different ideas on optimal health from all parts of the world. Just look at these free wellness and fitness websites to see how you can improve all aspects of your health. I don't feel ready to hang up my travelling shoes just yet....... and my intentions are to pursue this topic of complete wellness by:
  • Experiencing Wellness Centres and Spa Retreats in the UK and discovering new treatments
  • Visiting Spa Hotels and Resorts overseas and having at least one local treatment 
  • Experiencing new healthy foods and local dishes around the world
  • Trying new self - care regimes for positive living and a peaceful mind
  • Discovering new fitness methods or systems and implementing them into my own regime
  • Trying new complimentary therapies for complete wellness and improved mental health

My Mission is to promote active, healthy living and well-being. I want everyone to feel good about themselves at any age.

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  • "I am a qualified Level 2 and 3 Fitness Instructor/Trainer, Older Adult Instructor, PiYo Instructor and I have also studied 'Exercise Prescription for the Prevention and Treatment of Disease' with the Trinity College, Dublin and 'Food as a Medicine' with Monash University."
*Consult your physician before beginning any physically exercise program. If you have any injury or feel unwell then do not participate in any exercise until you have checked with your doctor that you are safe to do so.
*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort. Exercise and a proper diet are necessary to lose weight or achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition
*You must ensure that any equipment you use whilst exercising online is appropriate and safe. You must ensure that you have enough space to exercise and that there are no safety hazards within your area of exercise.
*I am insured as an instructor to teach online classes and tuition. I am not liable for any injury that may occur whilst you are exercising at home or liable for any equipment you choose to use whilst participating in an exercise routine or workout.
* I am a Nutritional Therapist and can advise on Nutrition directed by the Government guidelines on healthy eating. I am not a dietitian or Nutritionist and cannot advise on special diets, supplements or allergies

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