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By just changing a few old habits for new, you can turn your life around and become the best version of ‘you’. The word ‘healthy’ conjures up feelings of uncertainty. How much effort will this require? How much time will it take? It actually takes very little time to implement a few basic self care routines, small steps to adjust your diet and enjoyable activities to increase your fitness levels. It  really is that simple!! My book will take you through these easy steps, so all you need to do is subscribe and it is yours for free. There are no sales pitches or goods and services to purchase once you are a subscriber. My website is purely to help people live the best life that they can, be more active and enjoy a healthy living. 

My mission is to help everyone feel good about themselves at any age. My book has lots of information to help you achieve good health in all aspects of your life. There are helpful visuals, videos, links, food planners, PDF’s, app links and tutorials. 

Fitness, nutrition and well-being are complicated subjects and very science based. My aim is to help make these subjects easier to understand by using simple language and breaking down the complexity of the science behind these topics.

I am Cathy and I am the founder of HEALTHY FOREVER FITNESS MOTIVATION and it is really nice to meet you.

I generally post once a week, new content on all sorts of topics to do with health, fitness and well-being. I write reviews on books, apps, nutrition, fitness equipment and share information to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. I also publish a bi-weekly newsletter.

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