Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Free Health and Fitness Course Introduction and Content

Information about my free health and fitness course

As you get older do you feel tired, you have no energy, you can’t move as quickly as you once could, you feel out of breath walking up a hill…….sound familiar? Then this course is for you, to help you add some zest back into your life. I can show you how to add a few new habits in exchange for a small amount of  your precious time, that will help you feel full of life. It takes just a little time to start building healthier habits to a brand new you. Start investing a small amount of time in your future self today.

Course Content

1. Functional Movements

What this means and how we can incorporate this type of exercise into our every day lives.

2. Changing Habits

Why this is important for Optimal Health and simple ways to swap bad habits for new healthy habits.

3. Water

Keep hydrated and the reasons why water is a vital part of a healthy life.

4. Relaxation

Relaxation is paramount for mental health and self care.

5. Journals

How just a few words can bring positivity to your day.

6. Cardio Health

Ways to increase your heart rate for cardio health.

7. Strength

What happens to our muscles as we age and easy ways to add weights to a simple routine.

8. A Challenge

A fun 5 day challenge to help you implement these simple changes into new healthy habits.

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