Saturday, 5 December 2020

8. 5 Day Challenge to a Healthier You


Challenging yourself to live your best life

Rediscover 'you' by challenging yourself to change. These challenges do not have to take a lifetime. Challenges can take place for just 3 to 5 days to acquire a 'taste', or you could set yourself a 30 day's your personal growth challenge and for you to decide. Setting challenges will help to increase your own self-esteem, create belief in yourself and build upon your knowledge for all that interests you. 

A challenge can be the motivational tool to set you up for a small change or equally a whole lifestyle change. I have prepared a PDF challenge as an introduction to building healthy habits. The challenge is for a short period of time, but with a 'lifetime' change in mind. The challenge is the motivational tool...... the habit changes are aiming for the lifetime goal of improving our health in everyday life. The support of a group is an additional plus if you are taking part in a challenge, you might like to challenge family and friends to join you for support. You may prefer to set yourself a challenge and hold yourself accountable ......but again, the choice is yours because its for your own self growth. Challenges can re-programme our 'negative' thoughts into very 'positive' reflections. How many times do we use these excuses? "I don't have the time", "I am too tired" or "I am too busy"? A short or well planned challenge will be structured to fit into your everyday activities and schedules to help you feel accomplished and satisfied with your results.

You have reached the end of your free course and I thank you for subscribing to my website. I hope you enjoyed this course and learnt simple ways to enhance your health or how to create new habits. Now is the time to challenge yourself. Have a's just for 5 days

Please let me know if this has helped you and which habits you hope to continue, or new habits you believe will lead you to a healthier version of you. Please comment in the comments box below.

Here are some of my articles that I think may interest you, having completed this mini-course.

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I also have a private facebook group which you can join to enjoy daily motivational quotes, small challenges and interactive posts.....the group is a lot of fun with some great members. Healthy Forever Facebook Group


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