Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Health, Motivation and Social Media


The Best Side of Social Media
Social Media is now a big influence in all our lives.....whether it's uniting with friends or posting photos of amazing places we have visited. We all have a least one social media account....even the most 'technophobic' among us will have at least some form of 'chat' app on their phone. There are many negatives associated with social media.......but lets look at the positive side of communal connection.

Support from a 'Like Minded' Group on Social Media

Back in the day if you were studying hard or had a great interest in an unusual subject......life could be very lonely. Frustration and lack of information could be very de-motivating and depressing for many. With the rise of 'group' media, like-minded people have found valuable support and knowledge to help them through their most difficult times. The younger generation have a support group to turn to during exam times and those who are retired can fire up their interests and hobbies with the extra time they have gained. With technology as it is now, 'Events' can be posted to raise interest and join people together at a set date and time, whether its a 'live' event or a social gathering. This has helped peoples mental health knowing they can reach out to those who understand, or finding a group of compatible companions.

Beautiful and Motivational Photographs on Social Media

Feeling a bit down? There are so many beautiful social media pages that inspire, delight and lift our spirits, for example the above facebook page. If we need a bit of peace and calm in our lives, or even at certain times of our busy day, then a focus on a 'visual' can be enough to bring us to a certain tranquillity and harmony. We may need inspiration so we can search for ideas or articles to awaken our imagination and fill us with energy to tackle the task ahead. All this accessible from our phones......something we do not leave home without.

Motivation and Goal Setting Social Media

What better 'motivational' tool can there be..... other than declaring your goals, making yourself accountable and having support behind you all the way. Many people have achieved phenomenal goals.......just by 'setting them in stone'.......or in this case.... on 'social media'. Everything you need to reach your ultimate goal is there in one place.......a social media group. You have the backing of friends or your group, help and advice from those who have possibly been in the same position as you, encouragement, audience participation, a platform for your progress and a journal with photos and memories of your journey.

Specialised Social Media Groups

Whether you choose a certain way of eating, need support and encouragement with your health and fitness or specialise in a sport or type of training......there is a group purely for you. These are support groups, motivational groups, advice and knowledge groups......all rolled into one. They are fun, usually with a lot of interaction from all group members and have a community feel. Events are organised and these online groups normally meet in person too, which makes these groups quite special. Many 'big named' companies set up these type of social media groups, to bring people together in one place to share news, information and special events......sometimes this extends world wide. 

Private Groups on Social Media

Private Social Media groups normally involve a personal invite or invitation from a friend within the group. There are usually a couple of questions on your request to join......this is a security safety measure for the administrators to review and protect the private group from scammers, trolls and false selling before accepting any new members. These groups are for like minded people with a valid interest in a personal subject. There is always a lot of interaction within a group, a great sense of community spirit and a feeling of safety and privacy. Members feel more comfortable sharing their issues, motivation methods or fears in a closed group. Private Groups are a good investment of our time and worth exploring to find that 'little niche' of harmony and united interest. Please feel free to join my private group Healthy Forever Fitness Motivation Group where you will find motivation, challenges to help you build healthy lifetime habits, interaction, Q&A sessions, advice on exercise whether you are just starting out or an experienced exerciser, nutritional advice and a group of friendly, nice bunch of people. 


Not all 'social media' is negative......you just have to find your niche. There are the general and popular 'social media' platforms that reach wider communities such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. However there are the 'social media groups' (sometimes within these platforms) that house the smaller groups, where you can find all the motivation, support, advice and community spirit that you need. There are some beautiful, calming and peaceful media pages and groups that can help you mentally to the more energetic, challenging groups that will help you physically. Don't get 'stuck in a rut' of negativity but have a search around this big social media platform to find your little 'slot' of positivity.

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  1. Another excellent article, thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Mark.....your comments are always appreciated

  2. A brilliant article,shows help and support is available to all in many different ways.

    1. Thank you Kerrie.......yes I agree totally....if we look there is some great stuff out there to help us all.

  3. Well done another great article, certainly puts folks on the right path and where to look, Best wishes, Sinbad


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