Thursday, 11 June 2020

Stretching for Stress Relief and Relaxation

When you are experiencing stressful situations or faced with constant pressure on a daily basis, the likelihood of muscle tension, headaches and emotional stress will be present, inhibiting you from total relaxation and sleep. 

Engaging in a regular stretch routine releases tension in tight muscles, increases flexibility and calms the mind. Stretching acts as a powerful stress reliever and I cannot be a bigger advocate of a regular stretch routine for a stress free and healthier life.

Stress and tension are not just mental and emotional issues....they can become physical triggers too. For example headaches, stomach upsets and back pain. Chronic tension can be the reason for long term health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and type II diabetes as well as mental issues including depression, anger, anxiety and insomnia. Stretching regularly can release the chronic tension causing many of these health problems.

Stretching Exercises for the Mind and Body 

Yoga and Stretching
Yoga relieves physical tension and promotes mental focus. Yoga is a type of strength training, assisting in flexibility and clearing the mind. Yoga inspires you to relax and focus your thoughts to the present moment, slows down your breathing and encourages calmness. This in turn will shift your nervous system from the 'fight or flight' response to its calming, restorative mode. Your system relaxes, decreasing your blood pressure and heart rate and lowering your breathing....... a complete relaxation and stress free response.

Pilates and Stretching
Similar to yoga, Pilates can refresh your sense of well-being. Pilates is a body and mind form of exercise improving strength, flexibility and alignment. Pilates reduces stress and encourages a healthier mental and emotional state of mind. The practice of Pilates necessitates you to slow down and concentrate on your body and movements. This will improve your concentration levels, giving you a chance to focus on the present moment distracting you from the daily stressors of life.

Stretching Routine
Stretching relieves muscles tension and in return will release stress to help you to relax and sleep better. Stretching before bed time can reduce mental stimulation and improve sleep quality too, which is common for those who suffer with insomnia.  Stretching resets your body, ensures your body holds no tension, improves your flexibility and range of movement, preventing injury and allows your body's recovery process to take place whilst you sleep.

Summary for Stretching, Stress Relief and Relaxation
Take time to de-stress your mind and body with exercise in the form of a stretching routine. Stretching whether it's Yoga, Pilates or Stretching exercises, will be beneficial to a healthy mind and body. The physical benefits are improvements in flexibility and range of movement, enhancing heart health, reducing blood pressure and avoiding type II diabetes. The mind will become calmer, more relaxed, focus will be sharper, levels of concentration will increase and mental issues such as depression, anxiety, anger and insomnia will feel the benefits of regular stretch programme.


  1. Thank you Mark.....Stretching is one of my passions....So many health benefits ..... everyone should be doing this at least 3 times a week. I hope you are continuing your stretches too

  2. Well done great piece of writing


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