Thursday, 26 November 2020

Relax and Breathe


Mindful Breathing

One of the major goals of mindfulness is to silence the internal chatter that continues inside our heads all day and every day. Internal silence helps to nurture and restore our inner peace. Mindfulness helps to strengthen our focus to help smooth the pathway towards improved decision making skills.

Mindfulness breathing brings us back to the present moment. By focusing on the breath, the mind will remain focused on the action of breathing. The mind has a habit of jumping from one distraction to another. The discipline of breathing and focus will eventually calm the mind with practice. Mindful breathing is a good way to relax and an antidote to restlessness, anxiety and overthinking.

Putting aside a few minutes a day to practice mindful breathing, will give you clarity and the tools to deal with stress and anxiety. With practice it will help to bring you back to the present moment and focus on the task to hand, instead of the internal chatter that sends your mind into overdrive. 

In these times of uncertainty and fear, we need to think about mindful tools to keep us free from the distractions of cynical media and aggressive social platforms. Switching off and practising mindful breathing can decrease negative automatic thoughts that are prevalent in people that suffer with depression and anxiety.

Practising Mindful Breathing

By setting aside just 5 minutes a day, you will find that you will reap the benefits of mindful breathing. You will benefit both physically and mentally as well as feeling relaxed, happy and calm. There is no right or wrong way to do this........just practice daily. 

Mindful Breathing PDF 

Try the video below to help you focus on your breathing. By synchronising your own breathing to the shape and cues on the video, it will help you to breathe more deeply and in a rhythmical fashion. When we feel anxious, agitated or distressed the first thing that changes is our breathing. With practice, you will learn to control your breathing to reduce these emotions and begin to feel calmer. Mindful breathing will also decrease the physical feelings brought on by stress. 

Calm - Breathe Exercise


Simple deep breathing mindful techniques can bring an array of health benefits for mental and physical health. Deep breathing can reduce stress and anxiety by slowing down our breathing, reducing our heart rate and controlling our emotions and negative physical feelings. The calming benefits of this simple breathing technique for stress, anxiety and panic attacks takes just a few minutes a day. You will get the most benefit if you add this to your daily routine.

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