Saturday, 13 March 2021

Feature Post - Gary's Weight Loss Journey


Gary's Journey So Far:

Starting Weight     : 18st 0lbs
Weight Now         : 17st 0lbs
Goal Weight         : 15st 7lbs

Gary is a fun loving and very sociable kind of guy, but just like many people, these lockdowns have hit him pretty hard in all aspects of his lifestyle. Social events being cancelled, holidays on hold and normality off limits. We have become emotional eaters whether it's through boredom, frustration or unhappiness, we have turned to food. This feature is about Gary's weight loss journey, how he has managed to lose weight during this difficult time and how he has managed to stay on track.

Gary has been an essential worker throughout the three lockdowns either as a 'handy man' or delivering gas bottles to homes. His work is very 'manual' and he is very active during his working day, which of course, helps with his weight loss journey. But he has struggled with his food and eating habits. Gary has been a very active member on my Private Facebook Group and partakes in all the exercise and nutritional posts. He has also listened to the advice on offer and is implementing this into his daily routine. He has taken quite an interest in nutrition and how to manage a daily eating plan, without causing too much disruption to his day. Gary is on the road most of the time and has to take this into account when planning his food. Gary now uses the Lose It App to keep an eye on how many calories he consumes daily.

This handy little app is a great companion to weight loss. There are some fabulous features to help you along the way. Once you have keyed in your information and your own individual goals, this app will personalise your eating plan for you. You learn about the foods you are eating and you keep within your daily budget allowance. You can enter your weight weekly and see your progress with the weekly goal tracker or if you prefer to track your foods by looking at your macros, your personalised goal setting will keep track of your fat, protein and carbohydrate intake. Gary says he is managing his weight loss by using this app, counting his calories, eating smaller portions and being mindful of what he is eating. 

I asked Gary how he felt at the beginning of his weight loss journey and at his heaviest weight.
" I feel too heavy, out of condition and sporting designer love handles" and when asked why he thinks he has gained extra weight he answered "Drinking real ale and eating the wrong foods such as crisps and pasties. Also being bored during these lockdowns"

Gary's Goal

Gary has set his goal weight of 15 stone 7lbs. He would ideally like to achieve this by his 54th birthday on May 17th. I think this will be a big celebration and a very sociable event (pending lockdown restrictions). I am pretty sure you have guessed already, that Gary loves his social life and his circle of friends. He wants to lose his weight whilst not infringing too much on his social life. He has learnt so much about his food intake and how to plan, that hopefully when the time comes to be 'out and about', he will be well informed and able to manage his food and lifestyle. Gary also loves his holidays and again a good goal setting date for a future event if needed. He now has the tools and experience to lose the pounds and the knowledge to maintain his weight. When asked about his holidays, he said "Always gotta have a jolly boys outing" 

Gary has had a few weeks where his weight loss was minimal or stayed the same.  I asked him how he coped with his feelings when the weight was not dropping. "I'm always a glass is half full kind of person, so I stay positive and think next week will be better". Gary keeps to his routine and plans his day. "I prepare my packed lunch the evening before and add a few extra snacks to fend off moments of hunger" 

On the subject of water, when Gary's loss was minimal or not at all, we had a chat on the things we could do to ramp up his metabolism. Drinking more water a day rather than zero calorie drinks will help with digestion and staying hydrated helps the body to run more efficiently. After giving this a try and making sure that he drinks at least 2 litres of water a day, Gary says "drinking 2 litres of water per day is quite easy, keeping it in is proving to be more difficult" ........ Being on the road has it's drawbacks!!

As I am sure you have guessed Gary has a great humour and enjoys a good party:

His choice of outfit leaves a lot to be desired ........ but he needs the figure to carry it off.....another reason to reach his goal before the party season starts. How does Gary stay on target? "Determination and willpower. Having the knowledge that all the men on Dad's side of the family died before they reached 60 years old" There really cannot be a better reason to keep your health in check! 

I asked Gary to share something inspirational to help anyone trying to lose weight "Don't be scared to try new foods instead of sticking to the same old routine" He has certainly changed his way of eating by being careful and mindful of his choices. Even when purchasing a 'meal deal' whilst out on the road......he chooses wisely and checks the calorie content before he buys.

Although Gary has an active job, he still adds exercise to his week and joins my online classes within my Facebook Group . He tries to exercise 3 times a week with me as well as adding walks to his day for some extra cardio.

Gary's Testimonial for Healthy Forever Fitness Motivation

"Cathy is really good at explaining how and why exercise works. She has also really helped me with dietary advice and suggestions when things are not quite going to plan"

Gary is quite a character and I am sure once the lockdown restrictions are lifted, he will be out there living a sociable life with his friends and having a few 'jollies' with the boys. He is doing so well with his new eating habits and exercise routines, I am sure he will hit his goal before long and I really hope he does!

Good luck Gary.........keep focused and keep going!!


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