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Inspiration and Motivation. Use Social Media and Technology to Boost your Positive Mindset


Trying to motivate yourself after such a long time away from the gym or your usual exercise classes can be so difficult to almost impossible. I know that so many of us are feeling this way. The world had stopped!! Restrictions and obstructions were everywhere we turned. It all seemed like such a fight and here we are 15 months later, a bit on the tired side, de-motivated and possibly a few pounds heavier. So what can we do to motivate ourselves? Do we need inspiration and positivity to help push us in the right direction, even if we feel a bit on the negative side?

Here are some ideas to help kick start your motivation:

Motivational tools are very individual. What suits one person may not suit another. There are many components that need to join together to trigger inspiration and move us forward. We may just have one component missing or we may need to find a group of inspirational and motivational tools to help us on our way.

Visuals and Moodboards

Visu App - Visual Board and Gratitude Journal  - There is something real about 'seeing' your visions, goals and dreams. VisuApp does just this......it creates a vision or mood board with pictures of your goals, dreams and ambitions and transfers these internal pictures to external visualisations. I have my vision board as a screensaver, so it is there for me to see whenever I want to take a glimpse at my goals and dreams. 

There are some great features to keep you motivated and the visualisation of your goals and dreams will keep them alive. A day never passes without seeing your inspirations:
  • Create a vision board - Use your photo gallery, take a picture or use google search for images.
  • Set up a notification - You can configure the time to motivate, to visualise or to focus on your dreams
  • Find your specialised music - There is no better way to visualise than to your favourite music. VisuApp has a unique application that allows you to choose any melody for your meditation and visualisations.

Set Yourself a Challenge

Rediscover 'you' by challenging yourself to change. These challenges do not have to take a lifetime. Challenges can take place for just 3 to 5 days to acquire a 'taste', or you could set yourself a 30 day challenge.......it's your personal growth and motivational challenge so it is entirely your decision. Setting challenges will help to increase your own self-esteem, create belief in yourself and build upon your knowledge for all that interests you. Set a challenge and share with your friends on social media. Use their support to drive you through the difficult days and make yourself accountable by signing in and sharing your experiences.

A challenge can be the motivational tool to set you up for a small change or equally a whole lifestyle change. I have prepared a PDF challenge as an introduction to building healthy habits 5 Day Challenge - Create Healthy Habits. The challenge is for a short period of time, but with a 'lifetime' change in mind. The challenge is the motivational tool...... the habit changes are aiming for the lifetime goal of improving our health in everyday life. The support of a group is an additional plus if you are taking part in a challenge, you might like to challenge family and friends to join you for support. You may prefer to set yourself a challenge and hold yourself accountable ......but again, the choice is yours because it's for your own self growth and inspiration. Challenges can re-programme our 'negative' thoughts into very 'positive' reflections. How many times do we use these excuses? "I don't have the time", "I am too tired" or "I am too busy"? A short or well planned challenge will be structured to fit into your everyday activities and schedules to help you feel accomplished and satisfied with your results.

Motivation and Goal Setting Social Media

What better 'motivational' tool can there be..... other than declaring your goals, making yourself accountable and having support behind you all the way. Many people have achieved phenomenal goals.......just by 'setting them in stone'.......or in this case.... on 'social media'. Everything you need to reach your ultimate goal is there in one place. Open a social media private group and invite your family and friends. You have the backing of those closest to you in your group, help and advice from those who have possibly been in the same position as you, encouragement, audience participation, a platform for your progress and an online journal with photos and memories of your journey.

If you are not ready to open your own social media group, then join in with someone else's journey. Whether you choose a certain way of eating, just need support, encouragement or inspiration with your health and fitness, in search of a positive mindset or in need of some form of motivation, you will find a group that shares your goals. These social media accounts are support groups, motivational groups, advice and knowledge groups......all rolled into one. They are fun, usually with a lot of interaction from all group members and have a positive community feel. Many 'big branded' companies or even famous and well known names set up these types of social media groups, to bring people together in one place and share news, information and special events......sometimes this extends world wide. 

Motivational Quotes

For me personally.......I just love visuals. If I really need motivation then I will pin to my walls, mirrors and doors, inspirational quotes, pictures or images that focus and drive me to my goals. I used this type of motivational tool when I worked onboard cruise ships. The hours on ships are endless at times and all you want to do is rest when you have finished your work. I would come home to my cabin exhausted.......see all the posters and quotes covering my walls and I would get straight into my fitness gear and head to the gym. This could even be in the early hours of the morning.........I had goals and I wanted to achieve them. 

Mood Boards made with magazine cuttings and photos can have the same effect. If you prefer all your motivation and inspiration in one place this could be the tool you need. Both motivational systems can help in so many ways to keep you on track:
  • It's easier to keep a positive frame of mind with visuals and mood boards. Even if you feel a bit low or less than energetic......these tools can lift your spirits and inspire you enough to get you going!
  • During the most difficult times these systems will help you through the hardest journeys and comfort you during your personal challenges
  • Inspiration helps to remind you of the important things in life. You realise how far you have come and the reasons you should not stop or give up.
  • Mood Boards and visual quotes can be altered and renewed along the way. Your goals will always be the same, however your route may change. This in turn will boost your motivation as you continue to your success.

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