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7 of my Favourite Health and Wellness Apps

Find health and wellness on your smart phone in an instant. Whether you are exercising, eating a healthy diet or simply relaxing and working on a stress free life ...... health and wellness apps are just a 'tap away'. So many apps nowadays record your progress in a number of ways......daily charts, weekly summaries, graphs and pie charts to help you keep track of your goals. 

Not all apps are the same and I have spent 'many a time' figuring out how to use them. To be honest I have been a little disappointed with some and totally confused by others. As I have mentioned on various blogs......I am trying to work on reducing my stress levels and practising mindfulness and self-care. I am lucky to be motivated enough to continue with my fitness routines and healthy eating, but I still need to monitor my progress and set new goals. Health and wellness however, are not just about my exercise and diet, but also my mental wellness and calm mind.  

So to keep it all together in one place ........ my smart phone is my journal and library to 'all that is healthy'.

HASfit App - I am a big fan of Coach Kozak, his workouts and nutritional advice. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for online workouts or programmes. Join personal trainer Coach Kozak and Claudia by downloading this app. Follow along to 100's of workouts in high definition videos. The app features:

  • Workout routines for all fitness levels (limited mobility, beginner, intermediate and advanced)
  • Search to find your perfect workouts from 3-60 minutes
  • Modifications to help customise the workout for your specific needs
  • Save your favourite routines for easy access later
  • Exercise with dumbbells or no equipment at all

NHS Weight Loss App - This is a super app. A 12 week countdown with lots of tips, help and advice. If you are overweight, losing weight has many health benefits. Making small, simple changes to what and how much you are eating and drinking can really help you lose the pounds. Don't worry, this app makes it all so easy for you. Just take one week at a time. The plan is broken down into 12 weeks so you can:

  • Set weight loss goals
  • Use the BMI calculator to customise your plan
  • Plan your meals
  • Make healthier food choices
  • Get more active and burn calories
  • Record your activity and progress

Presently - A Daily Gratitude Journal - I just love this little app. I downloaded this about a month into the first lockdown. It has been my saviour and so good to look back over this last year to see only gratitude in a time of uncertainty and anxiousness. A daily gratitude journal encourages you to celebrate the richness of your daily life, helping you to focus on what really matters and the positivity of living in the moment. This is quite a simple app and very easy to use. The features are:

  • Write and read your gratitude journal entries
  • Export/import your entries to a CSV
  • Reminder notifications 
  • Themes, various colours and symbols to use. 

Visu App - Visual Board and Gratitude Journal  - There is something real about 'seeing' your visions, goals and dreams. VisuApp does just creates a vision or mood board with pictures of your goals, dreams and ambitions and transfers these internal pictures to external visualisations. I have my vision board as a screen saver, so it is there for me to see whenever I want to take a glimpse at my goals and dreams. 

There are some great features to keep your goals and dreams alive so that a day never passes without seeing your aspirations :
  • Create a vision board - Use your photo gallery, take a picture or use google search for images.
  • Set up a notification - You can configure the time to meditate, to visualise or to focus on your dreams
  • Find your specialised music - There is no better way to visualise than to your favourite music. VisuApp has a unique application that allows you to choose any melody for your meditation and visualisations. 

VisuApp Tutorial Video

Lose it App for Weight Loss - Track foods you love and lose weight. I like this app because of it's simplicity. I have used many calorie counting or weight loss apps. I find some of them quite difficult to use or discover later on, the best and most helpful features you have to pay for. Lose it has many of these features for free.

  • Set Your Goals - you tell this app exactly what you want as an 'end result' and it will help you achieve this by setting targets.
  • Track your Food - Learn about the food you are eating and keep your calories within your daily budget
  • Lose Weight - By reaching your targets, step by step, you will continue with new mini targets until you reach your goal for a happier, healthier you.
  • Macro Tracking - Set personalised macronutrient goals to ensure you are getting enough protein, carbs and fats. Keep an eye on your micronutrients as 'Lose it' summarises these daily too.

Headspace - Meditation App - Headspace is a meditation app to help with all types of anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic attacks and much more. This app is free for a certain amount of time, for example, a 7 day or 14 day free trial. If you like the app and it works for you, then you can pay a subscription to continue using the app. At the moment there are some free meditations during this lockdown period, to help you through this uncertainty and global crisis - Headspace - Free Meditations. Each day you will take a short amount of time for some guided meditation. You can chose whether you want to spend 10 minutes or 30 minutes meditating. 

  • Headspace has one mission and that is to improve the health and happiness of the world. There are millions of users in more than 190 countries. They have headquarters in Santa Monica, California, San Francisco and London
  • Mental Health and Well-being. Headspace can help you if you're experiencing changes in thoughts, feelings or behaviours, or maybe you are not feeling yourself. Headspace can also help if you are feeling down, stressed or worried all of the time.

Remember the Blue Sky - Headspace Video

L F Connect - Gym App - A gym app acts as a journal for all your fitness routines and workouts. This particular one will connect to the equipment I use in my gym. Most of the equipment belongs to the Life Fitness brand and all the machines are bar coded enabling the connection between the app and the equipment. For example if your were to run a 5k on the treadmill, this app will keep track of your performance. This also works for the resistance machines and the app will log everything you lift, the weight, repetitions and sets. There are also features to help you with your monitoring and goal setting:
  • Set and monitor weekly goals for calories burnt. The motivating calorie meter fills up as you get closer to your goals
  • A smartphone can be used as a secondary workout display so that you can use the 'Life Fitness' console screen solely for entertainment. For example you can watch the TV on your treadmill screen and your smart phone will track your progress
  • When your smartphone is turned to landscape view, the LF Connect app switches to a display that includes three distinct dials showing duration, speed and the choice of heart rate, duration, distance, incline/level, distance climbed, watts or calories.

In Conclusion: It is so important to keep our fitness, nutrition, health and wellness in check. These apps really help to keep a track of our goals and mental well-being. Chose one that is right for you and that you find user friendly, easy and adaptable. There is no point downloading an app that just causes you more stress and frustration. We want to live a healthy lifestyle and find ways to happiness and a healthy mind. Chose your apps wisely and stick to the few that 'hit the target' and improve your life.

Do you use apps to track your progress or set yourself goals? Please let me know in the comments below?


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